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Technologies to automate and transform your visual data processing and understanding. logo is our intuitive, full featured browser based video editor. From simple tasks like trimming, splitting, joining videos, adding images, text or audio, to advanced AI methods like general background removal, auto enhancement and stylization, it helps you create compelling videos to tell your stories.

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Illustration of AI based image and video compression. An image is 
                             compressed using AI technology with no perpectual change.

Compress using AI

Cameras capture a lot of details not perceptible by the human eye. Remove such details while maintaining perceptual quality of images and videos using our state-of-the art AI technologies. Reduce storage, network and bandwidth overheads to delight your users.

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Remove background

Remove background from images or videos of any object, automatically in seconds and at scale. Handles fine textures, and semi-transparent car windows just fine!

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Background removed image of car
Original image of car with background
Illustration of image enhancement. A poor quality image is
                             automatically enhanced

Enhance automatically

Enhance images or videos with a single click with an algorithm that focuses on the semantics of the images and not just average pixel values.

Protect sensitive information

Automatically detect and blur faces and texts such as license plates and house numbers in images.

Illustration of obfuscation of sensitive information in images.
                             Faces and car number plates are automatically blurred by our computer
                             vision methods.
Illustration of attribute prediction on a car image for listing and a product
                             image for e-commerce

Predict attributes

Predict attributes related to shape, size, color, make and many more automatically. Catalog faster, retrieve faster and even show visual attributes based similar object search and recommendations.

Automatic similar object suggestions

Retrieve similar objects from a large database of images and videos, based on automatic indexing and compression. Make product recommendations instantly as the user clicks.

Automatic similar image retrieval for a shoe image and a bag
                             image. A variety of similar objects are successfully retrieved
                             automatically from a database of large number of images.
Set up a customized flow for doing image and video editing at
                             scale. Choose the operations to be done and their sequence and execute
                             that on a large number of images

Customized automatic flow at unlimited scale

Set up a flow and forget about repetitive manual processes. Start with background removal, followed by background replacement and end with custom branding. In the middle also fire up attribute prediction and save tags for future search. Apply to visual data at unlimited scale.

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