Visual AI based editing and cataloging
for E-commerce

Take photos and videos without any studio setup and with simple equipment. Elevate them to pro levels using our state-of-the-art visual AI technologies. Increase click rates and conversions by showcasing products with high quality pictures and videos.

Background removed image of image containing shoes
Original image of shoes with background

Remove background

Take a picture and use our automatic background remvoal to bring out the product, ready for the next steps. You do not need to buy or learn any complicated photo editing software. You do not even need a big computer.

Work in your browser and have the editing done on a cloud GPU machine seamlessly.

Try yourself

Replace background

With the background removed, you are only limited by your imagination. Replace the cars background with one of your choice.

Background replaced version of shoe image whose background was
                             automatically removed by our computer vision technologies.

Automatic similar object suggestions

Retrieve similar objects from a large database of images and videos, based on automatic indexing and compression. Make product recommendations instantly as the user clicks.

Automatic similar image retrieval for a shoe image and a bag
                             image. A variety of similar objects are successfully retrieved
                             automatically from a database of large number of images.
Illustration of attribute prediction on a shoe image for listing and a product
                             image for e-commerce. Attribues related to product type, make, color,
                             shape are predicted successfully.

Predict attributes

Use our power attribute prediction engine to give live suggestions as you upload your images. Save time by getting auto complete like texts for parts of the form. The attributes also allow for later searching!

Our attribute prediction engine is specially trained for cars and is continually improving. You will always have the latest version.

Customized automatic flow at unlimited scale

Set up a flow for repetitive manual processes. Start with background removal, followed by background replacement and end with custom branding. In the middle also fire up attribute prediction and save tags for future search. Apply to all the car images of your upcoming listings in one go.

Set up a customized flow for doing image and video editing at
                             scale. Choose the operations to be done and their sequence and execute
                             that on a large number of images

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